Shoot Dates:1 day 18 or 20 feb TBC

Fees: **Guaranteed usage
Daily Fee R10000
Usage R20000
World wide (excl USA & China)
4 years with flex start all media (excl TV/cinema)
Incl; online, social media, Mobile, POS, Fairs/events, public locations OOH, radio,
media cooperations.
Incl; Stills
Excl Print
Campaign Starts first Air date – TBC
The rates are for a Campaign and incl. all cutdowns, versions and Variations.


Character Brief

3 X 18yrs+ freestyle scooter riders.Any race…will be expected to do basic tricks off a launch ramp.

Casting audition; Wednesday 6 February

please contact Amin at or W App 083 434 1504 for casting audition details.

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