Fee R 5 625/person ( Day fee- R2500 + Usage R3 125  SA TV for 6 weeks and social media for 8 weeks)

Shoot days: 29 & 30 Nov (The shoot will be over 2 days, but the talent will be split up, either day 1 or 2, not both)

Casting brief:

We need to ensure that the cast of each scene  is diverse – racially and in terms of religion and sexual orientation.

The families should be real authentic families.


“Young”:Young straight couple. Pregnant woman. Early 20s.Not teen mom.

“Old”:Old straight couple. Probably 80s.

“Same-same”:Gay couple with kid. Early 30s. Child of 4 or 5.

“Different”:Interracial couple with an extremely contrasting fashion sense. OR couple with a very unique style such as punk, hippie, goth, or who are very different from one another – for example one much taller than the other.

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 11.59.18 PM


“Blood”:Male twins. Mid-20s.

“Besties”:4 Female friends. Racially diverse. Teens.

“Game Clan”:Six gamers.Diverse racially and in terms of gender.Ages 18 – 40. (for this one they don’t need to know each other for real, they will be shot individually)

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 11.59.35 PM


“Big”:Grandparents, parents, children. Approximately 8 people.

“Small”:A young couple.

“Furry”:Bearded male. Late 30s. 2 x dogs. (Africanis/mutts)

“Purry”:Female late 30s, 1 x cat. (Persian/fluffy)

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 11.59.52 PM


How to submit yourself:

Whats app a clear recent pic of yourself and those in your scene along with the name of the scene you are submitting for.Your name and age, to 083 434 1504 before  5pm Thursday 21 Nov 2019.